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Birger Dahl Jepsen

Read my paper on knifemaking:

Who can call himself a knifemaker ??
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My name is Birger Dahl Jepsen, and I was born in 1952. All through my schooldays I was the nightmare of the woodwork teacher. I have, through all my life, been known as the guy who will always succeed in splitting at least one of the boards, when I try to nail two boards together.

I spent a week in the summer of ’92 together with a Norwegian knife maker, who forgot to ask me about my qualifications before he started me cutting my first knife.

To everyone’s surprise - including my own - it turned out to be a both handsome and very useful knife.

Since then I have made approx. 20 knives. I’m very much engaged in design and visual appearance. A knife should be a delight to the eye as well as a pleasure to hold. And I like it better if "the knife chooses it’s owner" - not the other way around.

I like to paute my sheaths, and they are always sewn directly on the knife in order to make the knife and the sheath form a whole and create a consistent design.

I like to exchange views and experiences about making and using knives.


Handle masurbirch. Hand forged blade, 7 cm long. Total knife length 19 cm.



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Handle made from lime wood. Blade forged by Knut Dahl, length 4.5 cm. Total length 17 cm. PIC00024.jpg (13741 bytes)
Handle made from masurbirch, blade hand forged, laminated, length 5.4 cm. Total length 17 cm. PIC00025.jpg (11752 bytes)