The best knife.

After having waited for a long time for input from members of the group, the web and others, I have decided to give my own opinion about what I think is the best knife.So this is my opinion, and it in no way reflects the opinion of the group !! You are all invited to submit well argued opinions on the subject, since we are quite eager to start a discussion on this.
Arne mikkelsen


The best knife (in my opinion).

A good knife should be strong, should feel good in the hand and be designed to suit the use it was made for. I feel the very old shape of the blade, known from ironage findings In Denmark, is a good example of such a knife. My own everyday knife is forged by the Danish blade smith Thomas Noergaard, and it is made as a copy of the old findings.

Arne's kniv, smedet af Thomas Nørgaard

Total length 19 cm, blade 10 cm with an edge of 7 cm. Thickness of the blade over the spine: 5 mm.

The blade is a laminate of 3 kinds of steel. The lamination is not the usual Scandinavian style with a hard core of carbon steel and soft iron on both sides, in this case the blade is forged with ductile steel in the spine and hard carbon steel at the edge. The waveline indicates the welding, and a piece of steel from the old sailing ship Fregatten Jylland (the frigate Jutland) has been used as "flux-iron".

The handle of the knife is made from birch-bark and leather, with a front and a top-end of reindeer antler.


As can be seen from the description, this is a knife with a very powerful and relatively short blade. The knife feels unbelievably good in the hand, I work with my forefinger in the arch and my thumb on top of the blade, and in this way I actually hold the blade itself when I use the knife. This means I’m very much in touch with the position of blade. I’ve used my knife for almost anything: cutting sticks, cutting up roedeer, slicing tomatoes and everything else you can use a knife for. In my case this is a lot, as the knife is with me all the time.

And the best point is: it really works !!

It’s a pleasure to have a knife that works so well, and at the same time has a link back in history. I feel a certain fascination about owning and using a knife that is "more than 1000 years old".